An Award Winning Sustainably Designed House – proving its worth

Yagoi100 is an award winning house that was redeveloped within the multiple award winning Ecovillage at Currumbin estate on the Gold Coast in Australia. The Ecovillage has won over 30 different awards since 2005 including the coveted international ”World’s Best Environmental Development” at the Prix D Excellence Awards in 2008.

Yagoi100 was designed to complement the site and take advantage of the wide views of the Currumbin Valley and natural breezes. It incorporates 100 different features that make it (more) sustainable compared to the standard Australian contemporary home.

The house was completed in 2009 and has now proven its worth, saving the owners thousands of dollars each year, via reduced operational (utility) costs.  In fact it has virtually no electricity or water bills and requires no air conditioning, which has unfortunately become a standard in Queensland, primarily due to poor building design.  The house uses less than 5kWh of energy per day, compared to 23kWh for homes in a neighbouring estate. Case studies like Yagoi100 are critical demonstrations of what is possible and prove that getting the design right up front, can make all the difference to ensuring a house is comfortable, safe and cheap to run over its full lifecycle.

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A short film produced by Ecomplish about the design and building of the house is now available on YouTube for free.